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Here at MoreMoneyReview.com, it’s our aim to uncover the best ways for you to make more money so that you can secure true financial freedom…

By investigating the latest business opportunities, sports betting systems and financial trading tools, we pull no punches when it comes to exposing those schemes that don’t work and the scammers who would try to rip you off.

On the MoreMoneyReview website you’ll find regular updates and brand new reviews of new money-making products that come on to the market from our wide range of expert reviewers as well as feedback from MoreMoneyReview members who have tested systems themselves.

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Here’s how it works.

More Money Review Ltd own and run this website. This is a business in its own right and run as such. It’s parent company in the UK is Agora Lifstyles Ltd, but the editorial, reviews and all material is independent from Agora.

You see, we came up with the review idea about 5 years ago but after lots of messing around with websites and technical things we decided to partner with an experienced publishing house, Agora.

They quickly helped with the technical side, where I always struggled and this new found freedom allowed us to spend more time on the good stuff…the reviews.

To be fair on the part of Agora, they run a pretty big risk letting me do this as a lot of their products naturally get the More Money Review treatment.

And, let me stress here…

All the reviews you read on the site are independent. No question.

Although we get a lot of products free to review from some publishers, this never sways our decision when it comes to reporting what works and what doesn’t.

Frankly, there is no point, as the success of MMR rests on your comments and you helping others in the MMR community.

Although I moderate the forums where possible I’ll NEVER amend or delete a user comment – unless that comment is potentially libellous or could cause offence.

On that point – you should read the rules before you post any comment.

If something is good then great, if something doesn’t work or is mis-sold then feel free to tell the world.

I’m not here to police your comments. Just to help us all make better decisions.

So why do publishers allow me to review their products?

Quite simply the good publishing houses feel that it’s only right people can trial their products fully and they actively encourage other users to comments so they can make their products better.

And of course, they appreciate that if something is good then word of mouth will help their business grow.

Many publishers offer up sample products to review, but regardless, if there is a new product I’ll get a copy even if it means buying it outright.

But the success of MoreMoneyReview isn’t about me or publishing houses, it’s you.

The community at MMR giving their experiences and feedback help you make better informed choices about the products you try, and hopefully helping you avoid those that don’t work.

A close network, making and saving you money

Truth is there are just too many products for me to review alone. I do my best at finding what I can and reporting back but I need more help.

We work with a close network of likeminded individuals to run full unbiased checks on every product that comes our way.

People like Peter – who is an old hand at betting systems, and has tried and tested more services than anyone I’ve met.

Peter doesn’t just give basic information on what he feels, he vigorously looks at past results and FORWARD tests every betting system we get. You’ll see those full stats and a summary at the end of each review he covers.

And then there’s Nick. His first love is writing and editing but over the years has become involved in Internet publishing and marketing.  He can easily sort the good online business ideas from the bad.

And that’s not it, we also have Lisa on hand too.

The old timer who’s seen the dodgy scams and advertising claims a million times, she’ll help you avoid a costly mistake.

She specialises in finding out the little-known information that most people would miss, you know the dirt on the companies who rip you off.

Our small team are all here to help you make better decisions when it comes to trying a new first or second income stream.

How we’re funded

Obviously, in running MMR we incur costs for hosting the website, email broadcasting and editorial contributions. Not to mention the fact that we need to pay for many of the products we review.

So, it’s necessary that we’re able to fund our activities. We do this in two ways…

First, we allow a limited amount of relevant advertising on our website and in our free email newsletter. As I say, we attempt to keep this to a minimum and only advertise opportunities that we think will be appropriate to our audience.

Secondly, when we do a review, we will attempt to find an affiliate link for the product so that if an MMR member does wish to purchase the product or service, we will receive a commission. That said, we never let the availability of an affiliate link influence our decision to review a product.

Using these two particular funding methods has two important benefits for MMR…

On the one hand, it means that we can ensure that we NEVER have to charge for membership of the website or to receive our email newsletter – anyone is able to become a MMR member for free and can end their membership at any time.

And, on the other hand, it means we can remain independent, reviewing any and all products or services that our reviewers uncover or our members request.

Now let’s get started.

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We respect your privacy and will never pass on your email address to anyone else. As More Money Review is a free email, we fund it by sending you the occasional email which contains advertising.

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Here’s to more money in your life,

Jack Whiteman

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