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Were here to test the water so that you don’t have to…


You know you hear stories about people like the Queen having people taste her food incase it’s poisoned? Well, I guess – when it comes down to it – that’s what More Money Review is here to do for you.

Only – extra income products and service aren’t usually edible.

But we will certainly test the water and put the product or service though its tracks and see if the claims made in the sales material are genuine (or if they’re just plain nonsense).

And we’ll always tell you like it is!

Indeed, whether we’re reviewing the latest home business opportunities, sports betting strategies or financial trading systems, we pull no punches when it comes to exposing dodgy schemes and the publishers who seem intent on ripping you off.

Across our website, you’ll find a huge archive of product and service reviews, and we add more to the site every week.

Plus, as well as our expert reviewers, you’ll also find comments and feedback from regular More Money Review readers like you – and it goes without saying that you can add your own thoughts on anything you’ve tried.

Of course, if you’ve not already registered as a member, all you need to do to get access to the full reviews and comments on the website is register as a member below. It’s free and only takes a minute:

Not only will you get access to our full reviews and the comments of your fellow members, but we’ll also send you our daily More Money Review email, which keeps you a breast of what we’re reviewing, shares our own experiences of products and services and generally keeps you enormously entertained (hopefully!).

Meet the team…

Now, whilst we’re here, I’d also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our team…

Michelle Roberts

My name is Michelle Roberts – and I’m the editor-in-chief of More Money Review. As well as generally keeping the More Money Review ship on course, I’m good at spotting scams and I’m NOT afraid to tell you all about them. I can also provide you with helpful advice if you feel you have been scammed in the past.

Helping you protect your hard earned money and invest it in genuine money-making opportunities is all in a day’s work for me!

Frank Hemsley

Frank Hemsley is the editor of the hugely popular Profit Watch service (previously known as The Forex Roundup). He spends a lot of his time looking specifically into financial opportunities. It’s the area of information publishing he’s worked in for many years, so it’s where he’s best suited to offer you advice on which products and services to try and which to avoid.

Glenn Fisher

Glenn Fisher is already a well-known name in the information publishing world and is a highly respected copywriter and general internet marketing expert. He’s also an old friend of mine, so I used our Agora connections to convince him to be a somewhat of an ad hoc consultant on demystifying copy, understanding how products and services are built and how they’re marketed. He’ll drop in from time to time to share his insight, so be sure to look out for him.

Matt Houghton

A huge amount of our resource is spent on covering various sports betting products and services, so I wanted to make sure I had someone I could trust on the team and Matt Houghton is that man. Again, I leaned on our Agora connection here (I’ll explain that in a moment), as Matt spends most of his days writing the excellent Betting Rant email. But from time to time, he’s agreed to drop by and share his vast experience of the sports betting industry with More Money Review readers.

Obviously, as well as these guys and myself, we have a vast network of excellent independent reviewers. I won’t reveal them here as it might jeopardize their ability to test things out without being noticed – but they know who they are and their work is immense. Without it, we simply wouldn’t be able to provide the service we do with More Money Review.

How we’re funded

Now, as you can imagine, More Money Review sadly isn’t free to run. Hosting the website, broadcasting our emails and providing payments for our reviewers all incur costs. And so, for that reason, we need to fund our activities.

In fact, we have three main ways of doing so:

First, we allow a limited amount of relevant advertising on our website and in our free emails. We do try to keep this to a minimum – and we only advertise opportunities that we think will be appropriate to you.

Second, if we review a product and that product performs really well – then we obviously want to recommend it to you. Before we do, we will attempt to find what’s know as an “affiliate link”. This means that if you choose to buy a product or service we feature, it’s possible that we might receive a commission. But that said, we never let the availability of an affiliate link influence our decision to review product and we only attempt to get an affiliate link for products we have already tested and proven to work. That’s a promise.

The third way we fund our work could actually be of interest to you…

You see, we also offer a premium membership with several benefits and bonuses, including a monthly newsletter, exclusive interviews with product creators and publishers and special areas of the website that stay locked to everyone else.

In fact, if you hurry, you could secure a 365-day risk-free trial of our premium membership to More Money Review. That’s right: you’ll have an ENTIRE year to trial full and unlimited access to the website, risk-free.

You can read how to take advantage of this special offer and active your premium membership right here.

Our parent company…

The More Money Review website is owned and operated by More Money Review Ltd. This is a business in its own right, and is run as such. But as I alluded to before, we do have a parent company in the UK: Agora Lifestyles Ltd.

Agora are an information publisher in their own right and obviously, a number of products they publish appear on our More Money Review website…

But the editorial, reviews and all other material on the site are treated completely independently. The bottom line is: if Agora produce a product or service and we our reviewers find it’s not up to scratch, they we will report it to you. Simple as that.

Agora allow us to use some of their vast resources, and, as I explained before, I even like to borrow their experts from time to time as I trust their judgment and insight. But I know some people might think it weird, or even underhand that we have such a relationship. I don’t see it like that.

Agora understands that the world of extra income opportunities is changing and that you can’t hide behind sales material filled with hyperbole and badly fulfilled products. They’re happy to be challenged themselves and know that a website like ours can actually be a positive resources when a product is found to work well.

Of course, if you have any further questions about this subject, you can always email me at moremoneyreview@moremoneyreview.com

Indeed, if you would like to email me, or any member of the team, you can reach us at the same address and we’ll always do our best to answer your questions as best we can.

OK. I think that’s covered most of what we’re about – and hopefully you’ll see from searching the website that we’ve got something really special going on here. As well as a great team behind the scenes, we’ve got a huge amount of members who contribute on a daily basis and make More Money Review an essential resource in the world of extra income opportunities.

I hope you’ll enjoying being a part of that and together we’ll find some exciting new ways to pocket an extra income.

And remember, if you haven’t yet registered to receive our free email, you should do so below:

Best wishes,

Michelle Roberts
More Money Review

P.S. Oh, and one last thing: I should mention finaly that we obviously take your privacy very seriously – and we’ll never rent or sell your details to any third party. Plus, should you become a member of More Money Review and start to receive our daily email, you can unsubscribe at any time.


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