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Product Name: Rothman Racing

Author: Bob Rothman

Company Name & Contact Details:

Horse Racing Pro
Tel: 0118 946 2606


Tired of losing on the horses?
Horse Racing Tips beamed direct to your mobile.�
FIRST YEAR PROFIT £329,838.50 to £100 per point stakes

Price:  There are three service levels offered from Bob Rothman racing:

Pay As You Win
Profit Point Service
The Professional

Money Back Guarantee: No mention of any money back guarantee.

What Do You Get?

Horse racing bets direct to your mobile phone. Depending on which service you join you could get between 1 and 8 bets a day.

Pay As You Win Service:

Each day call the ‘members-only’ number, between 11.30-1pm to find out the selection for that day.

You’ll be advised whether to take the early price, SP (starting price) or the board price.

You place a token £50 on for connections of Bob and then additional money for yourself.

When the horse wins, simply send in the winnings from the £50 and you keep the stake yourself.

Lastly – all clients receive the same selection, this is not one of those gambling services which gives different selections to different people.

Profit Point Service:

Claim: Latest Profit figures to May 13th £329,838 to £100 per point stakes!

These figures have not been verified but this is how the service works:

The service runs Monday – Saturday and includes all pre-race bets (normally up to 2pm). On average you can expect to receive 3-5 bets.

Texts are direct to your mobile allowing you to maximise winnings by securing the best odds. The message will include:

Horse name – The odds – The stake in points – Win or Each Way.

The stakes vary according to how confident Bob is in the selection and the information he receives. Stakes can be between 1-50 points.

Bob bets £100 a point, so a 5 point each-way bet means you’d be having £500 each way. You need to set aside a betting bank and then work out your staking.

Betting professionally often means acting quickly to obtain the best possible odds for your bet and maximise your profits.�

A Weekly Business Report is prepared and either sent out via email.

The service costs £995 a year or £495 a month – so he is obviously hoping you take the year option.  Also says that you have to pay £1 a point profit, but it’s not clear if this is on both payment options or just the monthly option only.

Full Professional Betting Service:

At the time of writing the chance to join this level of service is closed. Although I suspect as you join one of the other services you’ll get the chance to upgrade to this service if you wish.

The key behind this service is acting on late information. It could mean that you have to bet with just minutes to spare, so you have to have access to your mobile at all times and be prepared to place a bet online or via phone at a minutes notice.

More bets are promised on this service level – up to 8 bets a day. So you’ll need deep pockets to have enough money to stake 8 different bets a day.

The claim on this service is:

“On our dry run with real cash and a real bookmaker this year (2007/8) the result was a fantastic £85,741.50  profit in 46 weeks!

Yet again – we were banned by the bookie (

“You are the most successful punter percentage wise Betfred have ever had”  … Don’t Believe us? We are willing to give you documented proof: Betfred’s letter closing our account and Betfred’s statement showing, day by day, each bet, its winnings and losses and the final return – £85,741.50  profit in 46 weeks! Just email in and we’ll send one over. “

It says you can email in but no email address is provided on the site!

These claims have not been verified but you can request the proof from Rothman Racing by calling 0800 138 1118.  I suspect Bob does have these letters as many of them are shown in the promotional material, although several of them go back several years and are not current.

Where to buy:

Brief Summary:

Bob Rothman is a horse racing man who has 20 years experience.  Bob gives tips to place on horses to win races.  He gets inside information from trainers and jockeys and passes his information on to members via three different service levels.

Bob has been banned by several bookies who refuse to take his bets. He now sells the information on to other clients who can profit from his inside information.

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