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Product Name: Bookies Secret

Author:  Ian Michaels

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Gambling Freak Gets On Betfair Exchange And Snatches £300 Each Week Using A Method He Swears Under Oath Is NOT ILLEGAL!

Price: £24.99 discounted, £29.99 full price.

Money Back Guarantee: 60 day money back guarantee. Absolutely risk free.

What Do You Get? 

A well written and clearly presented nine page pdf formatted manual outlining the system in full. There is also two gift bonus systems provided. The first one is Trap the Winner and the second one is Stop at a Winner, both of these reported to be worth high sums of money in their own right..

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Brief Summary:

The Bookies Secret is a horse backing system that endeavours to eliminate the risk factor by gathering all the data from one very important site and pinpointing a list of the top selections at the various meetings and highlighting these as the most likely winners.

What’s It All About?

Some punters think that all the information required to select winners is provided freely but very often forget to take into account form upset and human error. Whether horse or jockey are actually feeling like truly making a supreme effort on any given day. A list of the top five of these selections are then used as far as possible and become Bookies Secret bets of the day.

This horse backing system is so quick and easy to use, that within a matter of fifteen minutes or so each day, the selections will have been highlighted, and your day can be continued without further hassle or stress.

One should then have a maximum of five selections ranging from 2/1 upwards with an average of two winners per day usually at an average ROI of 600%. This system selects only the very best choices and has a high rate of consistency.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

A small bank is really all that is required. It is really down to each individual what best suits his budget. You can always start small and work upwards.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Reports suggest that using £5 stakes it is not unusual for £200 plus to be achieved, but once again it is down to what each punter feels most comfortable with.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Once the user friendly systems concepts are learned, each would-be punter can be placing bets within a thirty minutes framework.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

No special equipment required, other than a PC with Broadband connection and the usual bookmaker/Betfair account.

Value For Money?  

Appears to be decent value but will update this at the end of the month’s trial.

Quality Of Customer Service? 

A speedy and reliable service, no problems.


The Bookies Secret system has been monitored for around two weeks or so now and continues to be a promising and worthwhile project for those hoping to make money.

The system itself is very user friendly and selections can be found in a matter of minutes using a certain Internet site.

Often there can be as many as five selections per day, but there are days when there are lesser selections to be found.

Winning prices have ranged from 2:1 up to 6:1 and when these winners come home previous losses tend to be minimised considerably.

To date there have been thirty five selections with fifteen of these winners and twenty losers at a strike rate of 42.86%.

The longest losing run has been five with the longest winning run being four winners.

The profit to level stakes at this point in time shows a very promising twenty six points and should this run continue for the remainder of the trial, then I would say that there is every chance that this system could be one to be recommended. I’ll continue with my trial for the next two weeks and will be back with my results.

Number of Selections = 35
Number of Winners = 15
Number of Losers = 20
Strike Rate = 42.86%
Longest Losing Run = 5
Longest Winning Run = 4
Profit at Level Stakes = 26.31 pts.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here.

Bookies Secret – Final Thoughts

The Bookies Secret is one of the easiest systems one could wish to operate, and selections have been found daily with a minimum of effort. Highlighting the daily selections was an absolute breeze as all that was required was to click on to a certain internet site and reel off the selections using the criteria supplied within the manual.

This did, howver, involve arriving at the site within a specified time to take full use of the supplied data and exit usually with a list of up to five selections to be backed to win.

The biggest drawback on this being a set time is that you are required to be at the computer and not all users would be able to manage this.

However this was not a problem to operate as I found with some experimentation, other times of entry could be carried out with little alteration to the strike rate.

There were ninety four selections highlighted during monitoring and this produced thirty seven winners at a strike rate of 39.36% slightly down than what it was at the mid point stage. The longest losing run was eight and the longest winning run produced four winners.

Their headline mentioned previously of true betting success …… incredible profits ……. breathless performance, and whilst I cannot wholeheartedly agree with this, it performed well enough during trials and without making anyone rich overnight, it produced a steady profit of some 53.17 points to at least show some future promise.


Number of selections = 94
Number of winners = 37
Strike Rate = 39.36%
Longest losing run = 8
Longest winning run = 4
Profit at level stakes = 53.17 points.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here.

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