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Product Name: Greyhound Lay Pro

Author:  Jon Mainwaring

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Betfair laying system exploits the Greyhound Market. Join me as a consistent winner and use this system designed and refined over the past year…

Price: £9.99

Money Back Guarantee: None mentioned but check prior to purchase.

What Do You Get? 

A seven page no nonsense manual in pdf format, well written, without padding, and screenshots with working examples are clearly displayed.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

This is a Greyhound lay system designed for use on the Betfair Exchange markets and makes suitable use of the many races offered to punters throughout the racing day. It therefore offers wide scope and opens horizons for those who work the 9am to 5pm daily routine.

What’s It All About?

This is a Greyhound lay system designed for use on the Betfair Exchange markets.

Greyhound racing has some great advantages over Horse racing and other sports betting and there are limitless opportunities to make money each and every day simply due to the huge number of meetings with around a dozen or so daily races on each card.

There is a vast amount of free Greyhound racing data on the Internet, and this system utilizes this information with amazing accuracy and presents a fairly easy and user friendly selection process.

Step by step instructions are presented in a well structured manual with sound logical concepts presented in a concise commonsense approach which facilitates an easy to apply strategy.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

No experience is needed, however an interest in Greyhound Racing would probably help. The system follows a simple five step process with self explanatory examples and includes screenshots to enable easy understanding of the operating criteria.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

You can start with a small bank of as little as £20 with bets as small as £2.

How Much Money Can I Make?

With £2 bets and following the outlined staking method, £50 per day should be well within reach.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Once the fundamentals of the system have been grasped, experts and beginners alike can expect to make immediate inroads into this user friendly system within thirty minutes.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

No special equipment required, other than a PC with Broadband connection and access to various sites to gather race information.

Value For Money?  

Exceptional value, don’t be misled by the low price of this product.

Quality Of Customer Service? 

First rate no problem too small, and answers usually by return.


This user friendly system has continued to shine since day one and makes the monitoring of such a system a joy to behold.

Once again I am at the mid point of the trials and I believe that those seeking to make money are offered excellent chances day after day with the massive array of meetings at various tracks and the large volume of races held on a daily basis.

The system itself takes a little time to arrive at the selections, but does not have long and drawn out rules to make it sheer boredom to operate.

Selections can be found within thirty minutes or so via two Internet sites and betting operations can be carried out using a Betting Bot or on a bookies site, Betfair or even at the High Street bookie.

During this two week trial, there have been 73 selections with sixty four winners and only nine losers at a great strike rate of 87.67%.

The longest losing run has been only a paltry two with a wonderful straight run of seventeen winners as the longest winning sequence. A profit of 35.60 points would have been made following this system using the system as outlined in the user manual.

There is no reason to believe at this point that this performance cannot continue for the remainder of the trial, and should be a system to recommend for most punters future portfolios.


Number of Selections = 73
Number of Winners = 64
Number of Losers = 9
Longest Losing Run = 2
Longest Winning Run = 17
Profits from outlined staking = 35.60 pts

You can see a full breakdown of my results here.

Final Thoughts – 11th May 2010

There are not that many Greyhound lay systems around that can boast of a consecutive string of thirty four winning lays, but that is just how this brilliant system has performed during the monthly trial.

Since I first encountered this system it has absolutely gone from strength to strength and continued to shine in every way since the very first day it operated, and I cannot praise its performance too highly.

Those punters seeking to make money have excellent opportunities at their disposal as unlike Horse racing there is virtually ten to eleven hours of Greyhound racing each and every day in which to apply the system’s strategies.

It is certainly not a get rich quick system but combined with a common sense approach and the sensible staking plan outlined in the manual, steady profits can be maintained on a daily basis.

There appears to be small troughs at times when the odd dog goes on to win but overall these are few and far between and any losses are soon recovered.

During the trial period there were two hundred and seven selections with one hundred and eighty two successful lays at a great strike rate of 87.92% which was very similar at the mid point stage, suggesting that there is stability within the framework of the system, and no reason to believe at this point, that profits cannot be maintained in the future.

Punters could certainly do worse than obtaining a copy of this system and at such a low price it most certainly appears to be today’s all round bargain.


Number of selections = 207
Number of winning lays = 182
Strike Rate = 87.92%
Number of losers = 9
Longest Losing Run = 2
Longest Winning Run = 34
Profits from outlined staking = 83.90 points.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here.

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