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March 12, 2010 | 7 Comments More

Product Name: Lay Bet Genius

Company Name & Contact Details:
Starship Marketing


 “£30 into £84182 Tax Free in 12 Months”

Price: £59.95 per month after free trial

Money Back Guarantee: No – 7 days free trial

What Do You Get?
Downloadable PDF User Guide and SMS service offering daily lay bets

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

The Lay Bet Genius service offers tips to lay horses to lose up to max price of 11.5.  You get any thing up to 6 selections per day. No experience is required as everything is fully explained in the PDF guide.

What’s It All About?

Lay Bet Genius offers a tipping service for horse racing but in reverse! They select horses that they believe will lose and you then in effect act as a bookmaker using an exchange service such as Betfair.

Note – laying a horse means that you can lose more than the amount you will gain if the horse wins eg a horse laid at odds of 8.5 will result in a pay out of £7.50 for each £1 you stood to win if it lost.

Lay Bet Genius advises that you do not lay a horse where the odds are greater than 11.5 to limit the potential loss.

The service explains all this in detail and claims a success rate of more than 75% with only 1 losing month in the last year (although it does not specify the year!) This is critical because of the potential loss when a horse wins – take the example above where you will need 8 more winners to get back the loss at the same stake level.

That said it should be easier to pick a loser in a race than the 1 winner.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

The service advises several options for betting patterns recommending a 3% of betting bank system. The amount you need to start depends on your stake level.

You potentially need to fund your account with 10.5 times the stake you wish to win as the exchanges need to be sure you are good for your losses. So if you chose a £10 stake you will need up to £105 in your account to cover the bet while it is live.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The service claims you can make significant profits and using a percentage of bank system this should be possible IF the selections are up to scratch. If you start with a bank of say £2,000 and average 2 selections a day from the service you could be making a profit of £300+ per week. However, a loss can change all that fairly quickly so take care.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

You should be able to use the service fully with only a few minutes per day depending on the level of risk you are prepared to take. Betting patterns on exchanges mean the price can change rapidly and the true risk is seen near the race time. You can however place your bets at the time of the SMS receipt (10am) in about 3 minutes and wait for the results.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

You will only need an Internet enabled PC/laptop plus an account with a betting exchange such as Betfair, Betdaq etc

Value For Money?

If the results claims are met then the monthly fee of £79.95 is good value. You do need a strong resolve to take the potential losses and they do happen. Probably worth starting with small stakes to get the feel of the system.

Quality Of Customer Service?

The daily SMS service was effective and allows service users to place their bets at a convenient time to them. An Email support system is offered which replies within 24 hours which is adequate for the service.


The service is nothing if not brash in its claims and Darren seems to have a fairly brusque attitude to potential service users.

The manual does explain the risks fully and offers sound advice to service users.

My problem with the system was the results themselves. After the initial 7 day free trial there were 9 winning lays and 1 loser and the betting bank had reached 105% of its starting point. The next month was less successful however and resulted in a 17% reduction in the starting bank with a ratio of 37 wins to 16 losses.

This is nowhere near the 75% plus claimed and certainly not good enough to make a profit. One day had 4 losing selections out of 5 which is not at all confidence boosting. The “worst” loss was a selection at odds of 9.8 which resulted in a 9% reduction in the betting bank.

The “Genius” description seems a little pretentious to say the least. Since trying and cancelling the service I have selected my own lay bets at up to 49.9 odds with a £500 betting bank and level bets of £10.

In 14 days with care and spending no more than 90 minutes per day I am up £290 having had 68 winning selections and only 1 loser. If you have the time, do it yourself!

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