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Product Name: Odds On Lays

Author: Mel Scott.

Company Name & Contact Details:


This Simple Approach Gives Us A Very Good Chance Of Beating The Favourite And Earning Profits.

Price: Part of a package of three systems at a total cost of £68.00

Money Back Guarantee: None quoted but unlikely you will require a refund.

What Do You Get?

–  This is sold as part of a set of three systems. The other two systems sold in the set are:  The All Weather Lay System and The It’s Beat Lay System

Where To Buy: http://www.layattack.com

Brief Summary:

Lay Attack by Mel Scott is a system that searches for low risk horses fully expected to lose. The very low odds makes this an ideal candidate for any betting portfolio and when combined with the other two in this trio of lay systems, makes it a very powerful tool in the hands of the serious investor.

What’s It All About? 

This is the second system in the package of three written by Mel Scott and seeks to select those horses which start off as favourite and look distinctly vulnerable and apt to lose at very low odds.

All three systems can be used to form a formidable lay attack in the search for profits, or on an individual basis according to the punters daily betting routine.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

Nothing further is required once the initial fee for the package has been paid, other than what one would normally wager in the course of their daily betting activities.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Nothing quoted but with this low risk system larger stakes can be used therefore giving increased chances of increased profits.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

This can be used immediately once the few system rules have been learned, and these in turn provide a very user friendly system for all users.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

Nothing special required. An account with Betfair or similar would be useful along with a PC with Broadband or Wireless connection to enable all bets to be effected in the daily routine.

Value For Money? 

At a cost to the buyer of only £68.00 for a complete set of three laying systems, this has to be an absolute bargain and all three provide a very comprehensive means of providing selections for laying purposes.

Quality Of Customer Service? 

All queries are dealt with in a prompt and efficient manner usually on the same day as highlighted, and the service provided cannot be faulted in any way.

Mid-Point Report 15.02.11

Just what is it that we all want from a good lay system? This question has often been asked and for various reasons there never ever seems to be a clear cut answer.

I think that most punters seek a system with consistent winning lays and at as low odds as possible which keeps our banks at low risk liability levels.

This system is the second in the trio written by Mel Scott and gives us just that. This simple approach gives us a very good chance of beating the favourite and earning decent profits.

Mel has produced a package of three complete and independent systems for an all in one price of just £68.00 and it looks to be good value in comparison at what systems are currently being sold for in today’s markets.

This system is designed to highlight those horses which are usually favourites at odds of evens and below and have a good chance of losing their respective races and must pass a four step race criteria prior to the selection process.

The system is designed for use with the Racing Post but does not require the Members area therefore making it free to use on a daily basis.

Mel has added a further bonus by agreeing to forward all selections for the three systems direct to each subscriber’s inbox on a daily basis for a period of one month after purchase which allows all users to become fully acquainted with the workings of the systems.

The three systems can be used individually or when combined they become a very formidable tool in the hands of the serious investor.

Mel Scott has been around in betting circles for over twenty years now and is well experienced with what is expected in the production of profits and many believe that this package is full of potential.

The service provided is speedy and efficient and all selections arrive in one’s inbox well in advance of each day’s racing and cannot be faulted in any way.

So at the mid point stage I monitored a total of twenty nine selections which produced sixteen winning lays with the other thirteen romping home in first position.

This gave us a strike rate of 55.17% which I thought was decent enough at this early stage. The longest losing run was only three with the longest winning run on four, and this culminated with a small profit of 3.06 points using level stakes.

What I really like about this system is the low odds of each horse and the largest amount lost in this exercise was only 1.63 points which certainly does not hurt the bank too much.

A neat little system, easy to operate and track and with a little more luck could have seen higher profits. It will be interesting during the remainder of these trials to learn if this trend continues.

Number Of Selections = 29
Number Of Winning Lays = 16
Number Of Losing Lays = 13
Strike Rate = 55.17%
Longest Losing Run = 3
Longest Winning Run = 4
Overall Profit/Loss = 3.06 Points profit at level stakes.

To see a full breakdown of my results please click here. 

Conclusion 28/02/2011

I have often heard it said that good things usually come in three’s and I suppose that can be said in general of the lay package devised and written by Mel Scott, a racing enthusiast of some twenty odd years in and around racing circles.

The package of three systems form the basis of his well known Three Pronged Lay Attack System all designed to hopefully make some profits.

This is the second of the systems currently under scrutiny and seeks to sort out weaknesses in some of those vulnerable favourites at odds of 2.00 and below which may result in winning lays.

The selection process has few rules to follow, in fact it becomes a four step race criteria process prior to any horse becoming a qualifying prospect, with the system designed for use with the Racing Post.

For those punters who for one reason or another would rather have their selections sent on a daily basis, Mel has agreed to forward all selections for one month to allow all users to acquaint themselves fully with the workings of the system, so this is indeed an added bonus.

The full package of three systems comes at a cost to the buyer of £68.00 which I think that most will agree that this is very reasonable indeed, with some costing much more for one single system.

By introducing a very simple approach Mel Scott has managed to give all users a very good chance of winning lays and excellent chances of his advised selections heading off the favourite.

The actual package of three systems can be either used individually or when combined they can become a very potent tool for users within their daily betting circles.

What I do like mostly about this system is the fact that by laying the selections at odds of 2.00 and below the risk factor is kept at an absolute minimum with losses more sustainable in the event of having to endure a longer losing period.

During the first half of the trials we saw a healthy strike rate of 55.17% which gave rise to high hopes of better things to follow, unfortunately there was a dip in form and results and we ended with a much lower strike rate of only 43.14% which was a little disappointing.

As the trials ended, fifty one selections had been advised with twenty two ending as successful lays and the other twenty nine managing to wing their way home ahead of all others.

The longest losing run was five with the longest winning run being four, and with the lower strike rate previously mentioned the system endured a small loss of 5.63 points using level stakes.

Once again this system was a pleasure to use, very straight forward and very user friendly, and coupled with the forwarding of selections there were no problems at all.

When laying hot favourites to lose there is always a danger that the favourites will have a good day and actually come home first. That seems to have been the case here and with a little more luck the results could have been more encouraging. I will still bear this system in mind for future days.

Number Of Selections = 51
Number Of Winning Lays = 22
Number Of Losing Lays = 29
Strike Rate = 43.14%
Longest Losing Run = 5
Longest Winning Run = 4
Overall Profit/Loss = 5.63 points loss using level stakes.

To see a full breakdown of my results please click here.

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