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May 4, 2011 | 8 Comments More

Many people make the assumption that if you purchase a product or service via a giant like Paypal then you’d have some sort of protection.

Well it’s a reasonable assumption, especially now that Paypal is part of Ebay and they are reasonably careful about sellers not being allowed to rip off their customers.

But all is not what it may appear, especially for services and downloadable products.

You see, recently I wrote a review for MMR and I was upset at the degree of  how one service had completely misled in it’s sales material. The service in question will be featuring on Jack’s list of services to avoid.

But seeing how MMR had to pay for access to the service and I was so annoyed at the service’s claims in relation to reality, I thought I would try and get Jack a refund by using the Paypal disputes procedure.

Some of the threads on MMR have mentioned that as payment is via Papal they should be covered but I had believed this was only available if the product differed materially from its description.

This particular one certainly did (but it was interesting that the owner managed to respond to Paypal within 30 minutes when a dispute was lodged where he had completely ignored my emails complaining about the service.)

After 3 weeks of nothing I received a curt email from Paypal saying they were unable to agree with my claim and that was that.

Now being told that without a reason given was almost worse than the original sin and so I phoned Paypal – tip use to find a standard rate number to call rather than an 0870 one.

After the obligatory number pad selection process I managed to speak with the sub continent to be told that the buyer protection offered by Paypal does not extend to any intangible service which includes downloaded products.

The young lady agreed that the service was not as it seemed but that did not matter as their policy was not set up to allow a refund. So I gnashed my teeth and thought that we ought to give readers a heads up about this situation.

So if you pay for any product via Paypal remember the disputes process becomes invalid if the product is downloaded or is an actual service.  

Hard format products should be fine but it goes to show that until you really test these procedures its dangerous to presume anything…

If you want us to look at a specific product we will always try to oblige but being careful could save you even more money in the long run.

I’d would also always like to hear about any non-honouring of guarantees as this is important for other members to be aware of and a central part of our service.

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