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Product Name:  ProphetMax

Author: Senen Pauser


Create an ongoing Passive Income in just 15 minutes a week

Price: $1497 (or 3 instalments of $550). Membership limited to 4000 worldwide.

Money Back Guarantee: 12 months (Though you must have demonstrated that you followed the recommendations and weren’t successful in order to get a refund.)

What Do You Get?

– A four-part investment programme, after the first three you embark on weekly video updates that provide investment recommendations. Part four of the course is Advanced techniques and is optional.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

ProphetMax by Senen Pauser is an offline trading service that is expanding their market online. The aim is to achieve a 100% return every 12 months based on trading recommendations from a market expert.

What’s It All About?

Each Sunday members are provided with a ten minute video that makes specific trading recommendations. On Monday morning the recommended trade should be placed using a trading account or broker. Investments should not last more than 1 week.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

Realistically $1000 is the minimum that is recommended. With a larger starting bank the time to realise a true passive income will be shorter.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The aim is to make at least 100% a year

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

15 minutes each week for 44 weeks (no trading during market holiday periods)

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

PC and Internet connection

Value For Money?

This is a new service online so it is impossible to make a value judgement, however there is real potential given past performance offline.

Quality Of Customer Service?

The restriction to 4000 online memberships is based on the need to provide top quality customer service. Until this service goes live it is impossible to make an informed judgement.


There is something of a conundrum about this particular opportunity. The main person behind it, Senen Pauser has been providing investment services to high net worth individuals for the past seven years.

The service is very much focused on knowing what highly wealthy people do to maintain and increase their wealth.

Essentially Senen has been privy to methods and information that consumer investors would find it impossible to obtain.

Normally any new members would be introduced by others and would need to attend seminars at various locations to learn where, how and when to invest.

Some individuals that have Internet Marketing experience met with Senen and persuaded him that his services could be of great benefit to many individuals who are looking to create a solid passive income.

The result is an investment opportunity that combines both specific investment recommendations together with goal setting techniques. Senen insists that both elements are needed if anyone is to succeed.

On signup members would progress through the first two stages where they are provided with the means to establish their current position and to define where they want to be in a given time period. For many people this may sound somewhat unnecessary but it is a key element of the programme. The first two elements can be completed in a matter of hours although everyone is encouraged to proceed at a pace that suits their own needs.

The third section is where members learn all about the trading required and what they need to do each week. This involves watching a 10 minute video on a Sunday and then a 5 minute task on the Monday morning to place the recommended trade. This can be done online or via a broker. Each trade should complete within a week and there is no further user involvement required.

The fourth and final section will only become available after 12 weeks on level 3 as it explores more advanced techniques. Whilst these bring the potential for greater reward they also increase the risk levels so not everyone would need to proceed to this level and it is optional.

Senan has held a series of webinars where he has painstakingly answered questions across a whole range of issues.

It is worth noting that many of the questions and concerns raised arise from an online investing mentality where bad past experiences have soured many people to potential offerings. Given this wider exposure Senan has been open about the opportunity he is presenting and if it sounds of interest then I’d recommend that you approach it also with an open mind. You will need a different mindset from the norm here so I’d recommend you watch the available videos and listen carefully to what is said.

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