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Product Name: System Line 

Author: Unknown

Company Name & Contact Details:
Surewin Betting Club
PO Box 2,
S71 1BR

Price: £40 per month to join Surewin which will include access to this system. No minimum length commitment

Money Back Guarantee: No

What Do You Get?  

– Membership of Surewin allows access to many systems and tipping lines plus automatic inclusion in a UK Lottery Syndicate. This system was made available to members in 2008

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

System Line is a tipping system for win bets in UK Horse Racing.

What’s It All About?

Available as either a telephone tipping line (O844 number) or via the member’s area of the website the tips are usually posted around 11am. Not necessarily a tip every day.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 

100 point bank recommended.

How Much Money Can I Make?  

Results show profits in 6 out of 7 months to July 2011. After 1 month profit 2 points showing.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

5 minutes daily.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? 

Telephone access OR PC and Internet connection.

Value For Money?  

The club subscription offers good value. Worth keeping an eye on this one for further period.

Quality Of Customer Service?  

Surewin generally good on this aspect.

Review 25/08/2011  

This system can be accessed by either the telephone line or the members area of the website and thus far has been available in good time to place bets.

All the tips during the trial period have been for win only bets. If worthwhile the service could probably be used by all types of punter including those in daytime jobs as the time taken to access and place the bet should never be more than 5 minutes. Like all the Surewin tipping services it could be described as no frills.

In the 20 days of the trial there have been 15 tips of which 1 was a non runner and we have seen 5 winners – a strike rate of 35.7%.

Average odds have been 3.15 and there is a 2 point profit showing when backing at 1 point per selection on a progressive basis. Not dramatic but moving in the right direction and hopefully will continue to do this for the remainder of the review.

Final Review 08/09/2011  

The second half of the review period has seen things stagnate somewhat but the service has shown an overall profit for the month and I plan to monitor for a further month and update readers then.

In 32 days of the trial there have been 23 tips of which 2 were non runners. Of the remainder, 7 won which equates to a strike rate of 33% – it will not take a great increase for the system to improve profits significantly. Full details are shown in the spreadsheet. The longest losing run has been 5 tips so far.

This is not going to set you up for life but if another month shows profits then it might be a useful corner of a conservative minded portfolio.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

System Line Results

Update – 26/10/2011:

In the second month of monitoring there have been only 5 additional tips on this line so no real progress has been made on assessment. There was 1 more winner and the bank has remained just about where it was when we reviewed.

Update 15/11/2011: 

We have still not reached 50 selections after 3.25 months monitoring and the bank is meandering along a little above or below starting point. I will keep going on this one as we have access to the tips and update again after
Christmas when we might be able to draw some firm conclusions about this service. 

Full breakdown of my results can be found here:

System Line Resuslts

Update 20/1/2012:

We have at last reached 50 selections and the bank is slightly ahead (1 point) of starting point but it really has not been at all inspiring. We reached the giiddy heights of a 3 point profit on a couple of occasions but a couple of losers soon brought us back down again.

I suspect that a staking plan expert could enhance the returns here as the longest losing run is only 5 but the question is more likely is it worth the trouble. Spreadsheet attached with final results and no more updates will be published.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

System Line Results

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